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Singing Bowls

Our Tibetan Singing Bowls

Let’s help you discover everything you need to know about what a Tibetan bowl is and how you can benefit from using one.

Our singing bowls are made from the seven sacred metals. These metals correspond to the seven celestial bodies that were known at the time. These bring in the cosmic energies that connect the smallest concerns to the largest and most ancient things. These include:

  • Gold for the Sun

  • Silver for the Moon

  • Mercury for the planet Mercury

  • Copper for Venus

  • Iron for Mars

  • Tin for Jupiter

  • Lead for Saturn

These elements are blended together in our Tibetan bowl in accordance with the oldest traditions. You can expect that each bowl will ring true with a beautiful sound that will help you clear away any energy blockages you might have.

So how do these bowls work their magic?

Our singing bowls radiate with a heavenly tone that is light and carries a calming vibe with it. This contrasts with the dense energies of the body.

Bodily energies are denser than the ringing of the bowl. This allows the ringing of a singing bowl to clear away bodily blockages. Whether you are looking to clear away blockages centered around a specific chakra or you want to generally ease away any tension you are carrying, these bowls can help you find your way through blocked energies.

Our goal at Neptune Logic LLC is to connect people with spiritual items that will help them focus their energies and clear away any unwanted vibes. You can browse our online shop to find the exact items you’ve been searching for.

Singing Bowls: About Us
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