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Homemade Singing Bowls

Our Homemade Singing Bowls are Crafted With Care

Also known as standing bells or resting bells, our homemade singing bowls are part of a spiritual tradition that is thousands of years old.

Ancient Buddhist monks realized that the ringing of certain bells helped induce the deeper altered states that are at the heart of meditation. These engraved singing bowls became decorated and honored throughout time and tradition.

You can find singing bowls everywhere from existing Buddhist practices to contemporary music therapy. Even modern science has gotten behind the healing and restorative power of engraved singing bowls.

We craft our homemade singing bowls to help you restore the balance of your chakras. Our dense bodily energies can become blocked and singing bowls are a fast and effective way to restore balance.

Ringing these standing bells while meditating or as part of another spiritual practice can help unblock our body’s energies. If you’ve been overly stressed or just feeling worn down, there’s a chance your energies could be blocked. These singing bowls can become a key part of your meditative practice.

You can find singing bowls, smudges, and healing stones throughout our online shop. At Neptune Logic LLC, we believe that everyone should be able to find healing and restore their personal energies.

Homemade Singing Bowls: About Us
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