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Healing Stones

All of Your Spiritual Needs From Healing Stones to Smudges

At Neptune Logic LLC, we wanted to be something more than just another online shop focused on your spiritual needs. We wanted to help equip you with the knowledge and direction you need to get the most out of your spiritual practice and energy work.

To that end, we’ve stocked some of the most powerful and useful healing stones in our shop in addition to the always useful white sage smudge stick.

Here’s what you can get out of these items and why you should bring them into your life today.

What are the Benefits of Healing Stones

Healing stones harness well established and ancient properties of naturally occurring stones. This creates a focus that allows you to get the most out of your spirituality and meditation.

A healing stone can be used as a medallion to focus specific energies and carry them with you throughout the day. They can be used as a meditative focus to channel your energies while meditating on specific issues or while working to specific goals.

They can also be used to decorate the room you meditate in.

There is really no limit to how much you can get from working with healing stones.

How White Sage Can Help You Cleanse Your Home

Smudging is an ancient practice of burning herbs to clear unwanted energies from your space, your body, and your worldly possessions.

Smudging allows you to quickly and effectively banish negative energies and restore the centering calm of your spiritual practice. Whether you’ve worked smudging into your life as a regular practice or you need a little something special to clear out those bad vibes, our smudges are exactly what you are looking for.

Head over to our online shop to find all the healing stones you need in addition to the always useful white sage smudge stick.

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