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Get in Tune with Neptune

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 Our Handmade Singing Bowls

  • Simply put, singing bowls help cut through the dense energy in your body...helping to clear energetic blockages. When your body’s energy is blocked.... you experience lots of different problems from headaches, stress, anxiety, tense muscles, disease, etc. Singing bowls are believed to be  one of the strongest instruments used for holistic healing with sound therapy and vibrations by harmonizing the cells in the body and balancing the body’s energy system.

  • These antique Tibetan bowls are made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets: Gold – Sun, Silver – Moon, Mercury – Mercury, Copper – Venus, Iron – Mars, Tin – Jupiter, and Lead – Saturn. These precious elements were carefully crafted together to produce rich sounds and harmonious vibrations that are known to relieve anxiety and transcend you into a deeper state of relaxation. The benefits of using the Tibetan Singing bowls are overwhelming. The best part is our bowls are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime. 

Meditation by the Sea
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I really loved the pendent and chakra bowl I received. It felt amazing to see the extra gift inside!! I felt the good energy from both products. I will be ordering again.

Stacy Cooper

I am so happy I finally got to purchase from your site... The shipping was fast ! I was so happy when I got it... I just don't like the chakra set sells out so fast all the time :(

Deedee S.

It Came!! I promised to leave a review only if I loved it,  lol and I did! Thank you, It is so much better then i expected

Derek T.

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